German Property Group (GPG)

The insolvency proceedings for the assets of the German Property Group (Dolphin) are being conducted at the Bremen District Court. The lawyers Robert and colleagues, Bremen, bundle the interests of the creditors. We are happy to answer your questions free of charge.

The court in Bremen has set the examination date for January 8, 2021, on which the claims registered in the insolvency table will be examined. This appointment is carried out using a written procedure. A claim registered in the insolvency table is deemed to have been established for further insolvency proceedings if neither the insolvency administrator nor a bankruptcy creditor object, or if the reason for an initially raised objection is subsequently removed by the creditor concerned. The insolvency court enters the scope of the determination immediately or, if the objection is resolved, retrospectively in the insolvency table. The entry has the effect of a legally binding judgment against the insolvency administrator and the other bankruptcy creditors. Each established claim then takes part in the later distribution of the insolvency estate by the insolvency administrator.

„If a creditor does not hear from us after filing a claim in time, the claim has been recorded in the insolvency table. So the principle applies that no news is good news, ”explains insolvency administrator Justus von Buchwaldt. „Creditors of the German Property Group who have registered a claim on the insolvency table will receive a personal PIN from us at the beginning of February 2021 and can then use the web address“ „to check the status of the insolvency table and the notify further progress of the procedure. „

Source: Information from the insolvency administrator of the German Property Group, lawyer Justus von Buchwaldt, partner of BBL Brockdorff & Partner from December 20, 2020 on its website.

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